Elsa Nilsson

Swedish/American Flutist and composer Elsa Nilsson approaches music with an attitude of inclusiveness. She believes there is a space to be found in music that gives us the freedom to be exactly who we are, with no pretending and no hiding. This leads her to make some unconventional choices in her compositions and playing based on where she feels the music wants to go. The lines between styles become blurred and rules get bent in order to communicate the raw emotion and human moments that tie us all together. Nilsson draws inspiration from every aspect of life and music that moves her, combining them through the lens of Jazz to create a deeply personal expression that she hopes is universally relatable. 



Echo Bloom are a Brooklyn-based psychedelic Americana group. Kyle Evans is the bandleader and songwriter/singer, Aviva Jaye plays keyboards and sings, Cody Rahn plays percussion, and Alex Minier plays bass and sings. The group has released 4 studio albums in the past several years, including their acclaimed Colors trilogy (the records ‘Blue’, ‘Red’, and their most recent album ‘Green’ - described as “Leonard Cohen for the generation raised on EDM“). In addition to their studio output, the band has kept up a heavy touring schedule in the US and Europe, playing ~200 shows, collected into 2 live albums and one concert film.

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Keys, drums, guitar, bass, and...other things. Wool Sucker builds songs from stories stuck underfoot — picking up old tumbleweed yarns and straightening them out to make them walk tall again. They don’t believe in metaphors. It’s not a matter of principle. They’re all just pretty sure that metaphors don’t exist.

You can catch Wool Sucker playing what has been described as “supernatural art rock” at their favorite dives around New York City.