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Salt Wind (CD)


“Salt Wind” with the Elsa Nilsson Quartet featuring Jeff McLaughlin, guitar; Alex Minier, bass and Cody Rahn, drums. Released March 3rd 2017.

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Press for "Salt Wind":

"One of the most dynamic bandleaders in the New York jazz scene." -Nick Dunston, Hot House Jazz Magazine

"Elsa has a beautiful conception of melody and music." - Chris Potter

" much creativity" -Hubert Laws

"(Salt Wind) is skillfully executed in all ways, well formulated with a clear vision" -Peter Sjöblom, Mono Magazine

"(Nilsson's) music is warm with a tactile texture, without exaggeration" -Leif Wigh, Orkesterjournalen 

“...the compositions are good, some fantastic, in particular the caressing ballads” - Andreas Lagercrantz Lira Musikmagasin

"A genuinely personal and original album" -Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan

“Elsa Nilsson is my favorite flutist of the Twenty First Century. She just blew my mind playing live with Amanda Ruzza on Som do Brasil at WKCR NY. From Jazz to the Folklore of Northern Europe nothing can stop her; she will go on. Next stop- Brasil!” -Jassvan DeLima, producer and Host - Som do Brasil WKCR-FM 89.9 NY

"With an under current of healing music running through it that you don't realize is not only good but good for you, this sprightly, winning set goes the distance with gas to spare." -Midwest Record

"She can play the flute, and has a wonderful band that follows her all the way" -Jan Granlie- Salt Peanuts

"Elsa's sound is strong and she is expanding horizons as a flutist." -Jovino Santos-Neto

“With Nilsson’s masterly and ingenious flute work, her accomplished fellow musicians, and flat out solid tunes, "Salt Wind" is guaranteed to blow you away.” -Karen Pauley, Host of Nordic Roots And Branches on KSER 90.7 fm, Seattle

"It was a solidly tantalizing, sensational, captivating experience that I definitely encourage others to hear." -Kai Kiernan from The Daily Targum

“(Salt Wind) is a surprising and very skillfully played CD with great arrangements and variety.” -Joost van Steen, Host/producer Jazz & Blues Tour For Studio Alphen 90.0FM in The Netherlands

"Do you hear that sound from the Northern skies? It's Elsa Nilsson with something new, passionate and beautiful to say with her flute and her pen. Check out her music and let her light your skies." -Robert Dick, Acclaimed Flute player and mentor

“The group plays with tight rhythm and pitch, and Elsa’s music is inventive, mostly spare, and employs extended techniques and interesting ideas.” –Barbara Siesel, The Flute View.