Wandering through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I stumbled upon an exhibit that summarized ‘People of the 20th Century’, a photo-documentary by the German photographer August Sander. Jamboree is that project, rendered into music.

Our first album, with all associated warts and bumps.  Released in 2008, the record is 10 character studies in differing genres - a funk song about a President, a reggae song about a Trucker, a hard rock song about a Preacher, and everything inbetween.  This album ended up being the seed for our Colors album trilogy.

With artwork by John Whitlock, the album is available on screenprinted compact disc.

Jamboree (CD)
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Jamboree (Deluxe Digital)
  • MP3 files (320 kbps MP3 files)
  • Digital Goodie Bag with wallpaper, images, and more
  • Liner Notes
  • Guitar tablature
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